Dogs Available For Adoption


Kira Dot was born on 09/09/2017 and is a Dalmador (Dalmatian cross Labrador). We were asked to help her as she was due to be put to sleep having been left at a pound. Kira Dot is a lovely girl who is affectionate and playful. She is active and loves to play. She would suit an active home with loads of adventures 


Pablo is a Dalmatian cross born 3/6/2016. He is a lovely boy who is very active. He needs a home with loads to do and keep him occupied and many long walks. His foster carer is working hard with recall training to allow him to get the exercise he needs. Pablo being a young man will also need clear boundaries. They do like to push their luck! Pablo is an affectionate boy and if you put the effort in you will get a fantastic companion.


Paddy was found with his mum on a rubbish dump. His mum is Meg, a pure Dalmatian, we don’t know who his father is. Born in late June or early July 2018, he is a little sweetie. Friendly confident little boy who is affectionately called Nuzzle. Nuzzle would love a family of his own to grow and learn how to be a happy well behaved, well just a few occasions of mischief! He is more of the brown back colour of the two now he has grown into a very handsome dog.


Max is a gorgeous little boy who was found with his mum on a rubbish dump. Born late June 2018 we believe, he has a pure Dalmatian Mum but we don’t know about his dad. Max is a friendly affectionate little puppy who is gaining confidence and learning how to be a mischievous little fellow. He is being well socialised and would love a home to continue his development and training. 


Ivy was one of Dotty's puppies born June 2018. We were asked to help Dotty when she was discovered chained up in the mountains with no food or water, having been left for days, with 7 puppies. Ivy was born with a skin condition which has taken some while to clear up. It has confused the vets and no specific cause has been identified but given time and some supplements for healthy skin and coat it has cleared up. Ivy is a lovely little girl, very sociable and playful and would make a lovely addition to any family. She has been around cats as well.


Spot is a lovely boy who is a little timid to start, but once he gets to know you he is a very loving little lad. Born in June 2016 he was one of ten puppies we rescued from a pound, that due to being full, had left then in a box in a locked van in searing heat with no water or food. We rescued them just in the nick of time. Since then Spot has grown and developed into a lovely dog who would love to have a family of his own.


Noah was one of severn puppies born to Kizzy,a dog in our care in April 2019, whose grandma was a cross Dalmatian which is how we ended up getting involved and caring for these dogs. Noah is a a lovely boy, happy and playful. He is being socialised with other dogs both male and female, but he has a jealous side and doesn’t like other dogs getting the attention over him, so would suit a home as an only dog. He was born in April and we would love for him to find a home so he does not spend all his puppyhood in our care.


Snow and his sister Iris were abandoned in a pound as not wanted. Probably from an unwanted littler and the owner was unable to find them homes or give them away. They were born in March 2019 and are a lovely pair of dogs. Friendly and sociable they are very loving and playful and love human interaction. Snow would make a lovely family member and would love a home of his own


Duque was found wandering the streets with injuries. We don't know if he was hit by a car or beaten, He was improved in health and character in our care and has developed into a very happy playful little chap. He was born early 2019 we believe. He is a good with other dogs both male and female and loves his foster carer and the attention he is getting. We would love for him to find a loving home where he never has to experience the harshness of life on the streets again.

Mia and Volkom

Mia and Volkom will need an experienced home. They are a bonded pair, being brother and sister and have had little training.

Mia and Volkom were left in a 600 square meter fenced plot for many years. Fed and watered, but not given any shelter and little love, affection and training. Volkom is protective over his sister so a home together on their own is required. They will need time to adjust to a home life and training to walk on a lead nicely and recall. They were born on the 10/06/2012. We would love them to find a home together where they can learn what it means to be loved and to be part of a family


Danko was born in 2012 and was kept on a plot of land and used for breeding. We get a lot of bitches from these situations, not so many males, but these suffer just as much. When arriving in our care he was dominant with other male dogs, but this is understandable due to his history. He enjoys human attention and his walks, but he is strong on a lead. He would suit an experienced home where he can be trained and be given the boundaries all dogs should learn. 


Squiggy was born in early 2019. Her and her brother were thrown over the fencing into one of our kennels. They were very lucky to survive. Unfortunately they had Parvo and we lost her brother, but she fought through and grew stronger and is now a happy healthy girl. Squiggy gets along with most dogs, she is playful and active. 


Victor was born June 2018. He was an unwanted litter and his siblings and him found themselves dumped at a pound. The pound was full, so they were all left in a wooden box in a van outside. Luckily someone heard there cries and reached out for help, which is when we became involved. All of the puppies were terrified, dehydrated and starving. They all pulled through with some loving care and went from strength to strength. Some of his siblings have already been adopted and have grown into lovely family dogs. Victor gets on well with other dogs, both male and female. He has grown into a lovely medium sized boy. 

Tully ~ Reserved 

Tully was born July 2019. He was abandoned at a pound we have previously rescued puppies from. Unfortunately this is a very busy pound who are frequently full. Tully and his brothers and sisters were again left in a box outside to die. We were called and asked to help them. Tully has grown into a lovely boy. He can be a little nervous, and would benefit from a home with another dog. He gets on well with other dogs both Male and female. 

Gomez ~ Reserved pending home check

Gomez appeared on a transport when we were rescuing some other puppies. He was just added in to the group of puppies we were rescuing, and being us, we couldn’t turn him away. Born mid 2019 Gomez is a friendly boy who is living with other dogs both Male and female. He is a little character. 


Lenny was born June 2016. He was left at the pound with his siblings as an unwanted litter. The pound was full so all the puppies were left in a box in a car to die. Someone heard their cries and reached out asking for help for them. We managed to get them just in time.

Lenny is a lovely boy. He is sociable with other dogs, both male and female. He can be a bit nervous at first, but given time and patience can grow in confidence and become a friendly happy boy. He would settle quicker if there was another dog in the household. 

Tara - Reserved

Tara is a gorgeous 4 year old Dalmatian cross Italian Pointer the vet thinks. She was a street dog for over a year, and then finally caught when she was so skinny and starving. She was probably a hunters dog who dumped her as she was no good at hunting. 

Tara gets on well with other dogs. Male, female, large of small. She is just a delight to have around. She is not cat tested so we do not know if she could live with cats.

Tara is Leishmaniasis positive. Her levels are low and she has been responding very well to treatment. She would arrive with the medication she needs. We would obviously provide ongoing support with her condition. A dog with Leishmaniasis can live a happy long life so please don’t let that put you off thinking about adopting her 


Wesley was born in October 2018 and came into our care as he left tied up all the time and given little food, water or attention. He has been in our care since January 2018. This is what the foster says about him. 

Wesley is a very active dog. You need to run and play a lot during the day to lower the high energy that characterizes you. It is a very intelligent and somewhat mischievous dog. He likes to be a leader with the other dogs, although some will not allow it and then Wesley gets a little grumpy, but nothing of importance or worrying. He generally gets along very well with all dogs and loves to play with puppies. He is usually very obedient when you work with him continuously as he is very stubborn. When Wesley came to us, the poor man was always very excited, he would not stop barking and crying. Over the days Wesley has been learning and trusting, with which he has relaxed quite a bit. Outside of game hours, he usually sleeps all the time. Wesley. he is always ready to receive and give caresses. He is a very good dog.


Jon came into our care in 2018. He was dumped with his siblings at a pound as an unwanted litter. The pound was full, so they were all left in a wooden crate outside to die. We were asked to take them I order to save their lives. They were all absolutely terrified when they arrived, and have improved in their confidence, but they still need time patience and training. Jon was born in June 2018, and has never known a home of his own. We would really like him to find his family. 

Jack ~ Reserved George ~ Reserved Harris ~ Reserved Gatsby ~ Reserved

These four gorgeous brothers are available for adoption. They were born on 06/03/2021. Their mother was a pure Dalmatian, their father a Mastin. An unwanted litter, the result of a neighbours dog breaking into the owners garden, they were being taken to the Perrera when we were asked to step in to help them. They have been in our care from 4th April and have now completed their full course of basic vaccinations and have grown into healthy happy active puppies. We are hoping that we can transport them to their new forever loving homes in early July 2021. As a cross these puppies may display traits from both parents. The Dalmatian side will provide an active intelligent character, the Mastin side will be a more laid back guarding character. Both breeds are very loving and loyal, but will need training and patience and routines and boundaries to develop into well behaved adult dogs. We would recommend these dogs for experienced dog owners who have the time to put into their development. 

The names on the puppies photos are the kind members who donated to help pay for the puppy vaccinations and chose their names

Roma ~ Reserved

Roma is a lovely female dalmatian who was born February 2020. She is completely deaf. She was bought by a family as a puppy who didn’t know she was deaf. They did not have the knowledge or experience to be able to train her and gave her up for adoption. A new family adopted her and found her too much to handle. Roma has had no training, and as a young Dalmatian, who is entering that teenage stage, she is a whirlwind of mischief who knows no boundaries or manners. Roma would need an experienced Dalmatian home with owners are patient and have the time to train her. She will be challenging to start, but as she matures and with the proper guidance she should become a fantastic dog. 

Loki ~ Reserved

Loki was born January 2021 and is a Dalmatian cross Border Collie. He arrived in our care absolutely terrified. He has gained confidence at his foster carers and is a lovely little chap, but will need time and patience to adapt to new humans and home. He would be better suited to a home with another dog, where he can learn from them that the world is there to enjoy and explore, not to be scared of. 

Lio  ~ Reserved 

Lio was born October 2013 and has been a much loved family member since a puppy. Unfortunately due to the birth of a new baby who has serious medical issues, the family are having to find a new family to love Lio. Lio is a lovely boy, house trained, used to walking on a lead, good recall, has lived with other dogs, has lived with cats and been around children. Obviously a move to a new home will put him under stress and he will need patience and training to settle into his new family. 

Dave - Available for Adoption

Dave is a male black spotted Dalmatian who was born in 2014. He is completely deaf, so requires training in sign language to live a full happy life. Dave has been living in a home, but has been argumentative with the other resident dogs, so an only dog home would be best for him. He is a loving affectionate boy, who enjoys his cuddles and walks out.

If you would like to adopt Dave please get in touch to request an application form. Home check and adoption donation apply. 

Sheldon ~ Available for Adoption

Sheldon was born 20/09/2015 and we were asked to help him after he was left at a Perrera in Malaga. Sheldon has a wonderful character, he is very sweet and affectionate and loves to be fussed. He will come and put his head on your lap to be stroked. He has been mixing with another female dog well. He has a lot of energy and loves running about and playing. 

Amy ~ Reserved

Amy was born 01/04/2020 and at such a young age found herself left at the Perrera. When we first got her out, she was very shy and timid, but at the residence a lovely friendly personality has started to emerge. She is still a little reserved, but we feel with a stable home and routines and boundaries set, she would blossom into a really lovely family member. Amy is playful and affectionate and likes to come and get some attention. She is energetic and loves running around. 

Howard ~ Reserved

Howard was born 19/05/2019 and was left at a Perrera. Howard is a lovely boy and is good at listening to commands and eager to please. He is affectionate and likes attention. He is energetic and loves a good run around. 

Enzo - Reserved

Enzo is a 5 year old dalmatian who has been living in a family home with young children and a cat. He is a lovely dog and loves his cuddles. He is taken out and does have good recall for his owner. Enzo does require training in socialisation. As a puppy he was not treated well and missed out in this vital training. He is ok with large dogs, but can be a little unpredictable with small dogs. He also has a tendency to guard his family and he needs routine and boundaries to fit into his new family and grow in confidence. He is excellent with children and loves watching them play and playing with them. Also if introduced correctly can happily live with cats.  Enzo is a lovely boy and just need the exercise, mental stimulation and guidance to become a lovely family member

Eden - Reserved pending home check

Eden is 6 years old and was rescued at the beginning of 2021 after living most of her life on a waste bit of land. When she came into the care of the foster carer she was extremely undernourished and in poor health. The foster has worked very hard and Eden is now much better and if anything a little overweight now! Eden has a condition called Gingival Hyperplasia. This is when the dogs gum tissue becomes enlarged and inflamed. There is no definite reason for this, but the vet feels this was due to the poor conditions she was kept in. She is currently being operated on to remove the large swelling that has occurred. We have carried out a biopsy to confirm this diagnosis and there is no cancer there at all. This condition may return, and she may require an operation in the future, but with good teeth and gum hygiene and care, the risk of this developing again is reduced. Eden is a very loving girl. She is quite laid back and relaxed and most of the time you will find her cuddled up on the sofa. She adores human companionship and is very affectionate. She gets on well with all dogs, large,small, male and female. 

Rafa and Luna

Luna and Rafa are mother and son. Luna is 9 years old and Rafa is 6 years old. They have been together for 6 years now and we would like to find a home for them together if possible as they are a very bonded pair. They are currently living in Scotland having been adopted through us previously, but due to the owners health, they can no longer stay in their current home and enjoy the life they are used to having. They are both fully house trained, have all vaccinations and recently had a full health check up at a vets with no issues arising. They have the usual Dalmatian recall, with selective deafness if a deer or squirrel is spotted! Rafa is keen to play with other dogs, Luna is not so interested and does not enjoy an over enthusiastic intruder into her personal space and will inform the other dog of this. They love their long walks, and also enjoy sofa cuddle time. These two dogs are very much loved family members and this is a heart breaking decision for the owner, but with an operation looming that will mean a very long period of being unable to go out for walks, the owner is doing what is best for her fur babies. 

Tao ~ Reserved

Tao was born in 2021 and was found wandering the streets and taken to a vet who then contacted us for help. Tao is a lovely excitable friendly boy who is just a little sweetie. His little tail and bottom are constantly wagging and wiggling. He approaches life with excitement and enthusiasm. He is good with other dogs and loves to play. Being very young he will need training and continued socialisation to develop into a well mannered mature boy. 

Marley ~ Reserved 

Marley is 5 years old and has lived with another dog. He is a lovely boy who has lived with a family in a home. 

Bernadette ~ New into our care

Bernadette is 7-8 years old and was found sitting next to the road in a remote village. No one knows where she appeared from, they think someone drove out to the village, took her out of the car, and just drove off and left her there. She has no chip to be able to identify her or know who she belongs to.