Dogs Available For Adoption


Pablo is a Dalmatian cross born 3/6/2016. He is a lovely boy who is very active. He needs a home with loads to do and keep him occupied and many long walks. His foster carer is working hard with recall training to allow him to get the exercise he needs. Pablo being a young man will also need clear boundaries. They do like to push their luck! Pablo is an affectionate boy and if you put the effort in you will get a fantastic companion.


Paddy was found with his mum on a rubbish dump. His mum is Meg, a pure Dalmatian, we don’t know who his father is. Born in late June or early July 2018, he is a little sweetie. Friendly confident little boy who is affectionately called Nuzzle. Nuzzle would love a family of his own to grow and learn how to be a happy well behaved, well just a few occasions of mischief! He is more of the brown back colour of the two now he has grown into a very handsome dog.


Max is a gorgeous little boy who was found with his mum on a rubbish dump. Born late June 2018 we believe, he has a pure Dalmatian Mum but we don’t know about his dad. Max is a friendly boy but is shy, this shyness inhibits his ability to mix with other other dogs and he would benefit from socialisation classes.  


Spot is a lovely boy who is a little timid to start, but once he gets to know you he is a very loving little lad. Born in June 2016 he was one of ten puppies we rescued from a pound, that due to being full, had left then in a box in a locked van in searing heat with no water or food. We rescued them just in the nick of time. Since then Spot has grown and developed into a lovely dog who would love to have a family of his own.


Noah was one of severn puppies born to Kizzy,a dog in our care in April 2019, whose grandma was a cross Dalmatian which is how we ended up getting involved and caring for these dogs. Noah is a a lovely boy, happy and playful. He is being socialised with other dogs both male and female, but he has a jealous side and doesn’t like other dogs getting the attention over him, so would suit a home as an only dog. He was born in April and we would love for him to find a home so he does not spend all his puppyhood in our care.


Snow and his sister Iris were abandoned in a pound as not wanted. Probably from an unwanted litter and the owner was unable to find them homes or give them away. They were born in March 2019 and are a lovely pair of dogs. Both of them were terrified of humans when they arrived and have built confidence with his carers, he is still very shy. He will need time and patience to grow in confidence in a new home. He is sociable with female dogs, but not suitable to live with another male dog 


Duque was found wandering the streets with injuries. We don't know if he was hit by a car or beaten, He was improved in health and character in our care and has developed into a very happy playful little chap. He was born early 2019 we believe. He is a good with other dogs both male and female and loves his foster carer and the attention he is getting. We would love for him to find a loving home where he never has to experience the harshness of life on the streets again.

Mia and Volkom

Mia and Volkom will need an experienced home. They are a bonded pair, being brother and sister and have had little training.

Mia and Volkom were left in a 600 square meter fenced plot for many years. Fed and watered, but not given any shelter and little love, affection and training. Volkom is protective over his sister so a home together on their own is required. They will need time to adjust to a home life and training to walk on a lead nicely and recall. They were born on the 10/06/2012. We would love them to find a home together where they can learn what it means to be loved and to be part of a family


Squiggy was born in early 2019. Her and her brother were thrown over the fencing into one of our kennels. They were very lucky to survive. Unfortunately they had Parvo and we lost her brother, but she fought through and grew stronger and is now a happy healthy girl. Squiggy gets along with most dogs, she is playful and active. 


Victor was born June 2018. He was an unwanted litter and his siblings and him found themselves dumped at a pound. The pound was full, so they were all left in a wooden box in a van outside. Luckily someone heard there cries and reached out for help, which is when we became involved. All of the puppies were terrified, dehydrated and starving. They all pulled through with some loving care and went from strength to strength. Some of his siblings have already been adopted and have grown into lovely family dogs. Victor gets on well with other dogs, both male and female. He has grown into a lovely medium sized boy. 

Tully ~ Unavailable due to treatment for heart worm 

Tully was born July 2019. He was abandoned at a pound we have previously rescued puppies from. Unfortunately this is a very busy pound who are frequently full. Tully and his brothers and sisters were again left in a box outside to die. We were called and asked to help them. Tully has grown into a lovely boy. He can be a little nervous, and would benefit from a home with another dog. He gets on well with other dogs both Male and female. 


Lenny was born June 2016. He was left at the pound with his siblings as an unwanted litter. The pound was full so all the puppies were left in a box in a car to die. Someone heard their cries and reached out asking for help for them. We managed to get them just in time.

Lenny is a lovely boy. He is sociable with other dogs, both male and female. He can be a bit nervous at first, but given time and patience can grow in confidence and become a friendly happy boy. He would settle quicker if there was another dog in the household. 


Wesley was born in October 2018 and came into our care as he left tied up all the time and given little food, water or attention. He has been in our care since January 2018. This is what the foster says about him. 

Wesley is a very active dog. You need to run and play a lot during the day to lower the high energy that characterizes you. It is a very intelligent and somewhat mischievous dog. He likes to be a leader with the other dogs, although some will not allow it and then Wesley gets a little grumpy, but nothing of importance or worrying. He generally gets along very well with all dogs and loves to play with puppies. He is usually very obedient when you work with him continuously as he is very stubborn. When Wesley came to us, the poor man was always very excited, he would not stop barking and crying. Over the days Wesley has been learning and trusting, with which he has relaxed quite a bit. Outside of game hours, he usually sleeps all the time. Wesley. he is always ready to receive and give caresses. He is a very good dog.


Jon came into our care in 2018. He was dumped with his siblings at a pound as an unwanted litter. The pound was full, so they were all left in a wooden crate outside to die. We were asked to take them I order to save their lives. They were all absolutely terrified when they arrived, and have improved in their confidence, but they still need time patience and training. Jon was born in June 2018, and has never known a home of his own. We would really like him to find his family. 


Dave is a male black spotted Dalmatian who was born in 2014. He is completely deaf, so requires training in sign language to live a full happy life. Dave has been living in a home, but has been argumentative with the other resident dogs, so an only dog home would be best for him. He is a loving affectionate boy, who enjoys his cuddles and walks out.

If you would like to adopt Dave please get in touch to request an application form. Home check and adoption donation apply. 


Pancho was born in April 2020. He was owned by a family, but when they went away on holiday, they didn’t want to keep him, or pay for him to go into kennels, so they were taking him to the local Perrera. We couldn’t let that happen to this poor boy, so we stepped in and took him into our care. He is a Border Collie cross Labrador. He is friendly with humans, although lacks training and can get overexcited and bouncy! He gets on well with female dogs and could live with them, but he is not suitable to share a home with a male dog. 


Arwen was born in January 2020. We saw her in a Perrera and could not leave such a young little girl there so rescued her along with two other dogs we had seen in the Perrera. When we collected her she was terrified. We can’t imagine what had happened to her before she came into our care to make her so scared of humans. Our foster carer has been working with her, and she is gaining confidence, but will need a patient family who will give her the time and training to grow in confidence and adjust to living in a family home. She is playful and energetic and loves playing with her kennel friends, both male and female dogs, and think she would be best suited to a home with another dog.

Legolas ~ Reserved

Legolas is a black spotted Dalmatian that we spotted in a Perrera having been left as no longer wanted. Legolas was born 15/08/2015. He is a lovely friendly chap and at his foster is mixing well with both male and female dogs. He has not had a lot of training in the past, so would benefit from both training and socialisation classes for him to grow in confidence and learn how to be a happy family member. He has been cat tested, and he was interested but not aggressive so we think with training and proper introduction Legolas could live with a cat 

Harley ~ Reserved

Harley is a lovely boy who was born in October 2013. He was owned by a gentleman who worked as a driver. Harley ended up spending a lot of time on his own in a garden as his owner was working away a lot. His owner decided that this was not fair on him anymore and surrendered him to us to find him the loving home he deserves. Harley is a friendly chap who has settled in well at the residence. He loves the company. He is also mixing well with other dogs, both male and female. Although a little older, Harley still has a lot of love to give and will love accompany you on adventures and walks


Yako was born 19/01/2019. He was dumped as unwanted by his family. From a young puppy they had chained him on a roof terrace and just ignored him. Due to this Yako arrived in our care very scared. He has learnt to trust humans again, and is good with all his carers, but he lacks social skills with other dogs. He was never taught how to behave with them, how to play, and how to read body language. This has resulted him in being fear reactive around other dogs. Yako will need a lot of time, patience and training. Once he trusts you, he is so loving and sweet, he is just a confused scared young boy. He needs a home where people have experience with training young dogs and have knowledge of how to overcome his issues. He will need to be the only dog.

Shelley  ~ Reserved

Shelley is a lovely girl who loves attention and gets on well with other dogsShe is about 2 years old and was owned by a person who used her for breeding. Following changes in the law in the province they were living in, they had to give up their breeding dogs as they had no licence to breed.  Shelley came into our care covered in ticks. She has been treated and is not feeling a lot happier and loves getting cuddles and playing with the other dogs.

Chester - Reserved 

We rescued five puppies who had a Dalmatian dad and a Dalmatian cross Mastin mother. They were born in June 2012. These were an unwanted litter which could not be sold so they asked us to take them to find homes.  We have had a few of this cross through our rescue before and they have proved to be lovely active dogs. The mother although crossed with a Mastin was quite small, so we should think these puppies would be medium sized. Chester’s brothers have all found homes and he is the only one left now looking for a new home. His brothers have proved to be active loving mischievous dogs with lovely characters and temperaments. 

Turco - Not available due to medical treatment 

Turco is a gorgeous setter cross that we were told about that had been dumped at a perrera due to ill health. He is about 8 years old and tested positive to heart worm and leish. Both treatable. He is now undergoing the treatment he needs and is doing very well. Turco is a lovely boy, he gets on well with other dogs, both Male and female. He is affectionate and loves getting cuddles from his foster carers. He really is an all round gentleman who is a pleasure to have around. 


Ivy is a Dalmatian cross Podenco and was one of four puppies we rescued as an unwanted litter. They are a lovely group, playful, mischievous and energetic. Their individual characters are still developing, but all of them are inquisitive and active. Having has this cross before they do make lovely loving family members for an active family home. 

Snoopy ~ Reserved 

Snoopy is one of four Dalmatian cross Podenco puppies we rescued as an unwanted litter. They are all lovely playful mischievous puppies, and their individual characters are starting to develop.  Having had this cross before, these dogs make lovely family members and are active and intelligent medium sized dogs

Finbar ~ Reserved

Finbar is one of four Dalmatian cross Podenco puppies we rescued as they were an unwanted litter at the end of November. These puppies are so sweet but mischievous and playful!  They are growing up to be lovely dogs and their individual characters are starting to emerge. Having rescued this cross before, we have found them to develop into lovely loving family dogs that are active and intelligent

IgnacioNew rescue waiting for assessment 

Ignacio was rescued by us when we were contacted asking for urgent help. Three days before Christmas Ignacio’s family decided they didn’t want him anymore and threw him out of the house. He desperately tried to get back in, but he was punched and kicked to stop him getting through the door. He then tried to get into neighbours houses, and was given the same treatment. Distraught, Ignacio kept returning to his former home, and kept getting beaten. We rushed to his rescue and when we collected him he was stressed and scared. 

We are carrying out veterinary checks on his health and trying to make him feel safe and loved again, and then he will be available for adoption 


Duran is a lovely male Dalmatian cross Rottweiler puppy we rescued as part of an unwanted litter. He has received all his vaccinations now and is looking for his new family and home. He is a playful mischievous boy, who has been well socialised with other dogs and been around cats, but not living inside a house with them.  The combination of this breed should give you a loyal intelligent family member who is active and enjoys going out on adventures and learning new things.


Popeye is a lovely Dalmatian cross Rottweiler we were told, although we think there is more than one dad for this litter and some may have collie in there.  Popeye is a lovely boy who is playful and mischievous. He has been well socialised and been around cats, although has not lived in a house with cats. Popeye should grow into a very loving loyal dog who is active and intelligent and will enjoy an active home with walks and things to occupy his mind, toys, games, puzzles, doing things like dog agility.

Noel ~ Awaiting assessment 

Noel was rescued on Christmas Day, hence his name. He was found wandering the streets, with no chip, he must have had a home for a while as he is about 5 months old. 


Javi was rescued in November 2021 and he was about 1 year old. Javi, Cara and Skye all came from the same household who were going to use them for breeding. We are currently waiting assessment of his character


Cara was rescued in Nov 2021 and she was about 8 months old. She was rescued with a male called Javi and another female called Skye from the same household, who were going to use them for breeding. She is a Pointer cross Dalmatian. We are awaiting an assessment of her character 


Skye was rescued in November 2021 and she was about 8 months old. She was one of three dogs, Javi and Cara, that we rescued from the same household that were going to be used for breeding. She is a Dalmatian Pointer cross.  We are waiting for an assessment of her character.

Rosemary - Reserved

Rosemary was spotted while Javier was collecting some other rescue dogs. She came running up to say hello, skin and bone, with a chain still around her neck. She had obviously been tied up somewhere and not fed.  She was such a sweet girl, Javier has had her living in his house with his family and says she is the greatest little dog. Good with children, good around cats. She does like to snuggle up with you under the duvet at nighttime. Rosemary was born 3/5/2021 and she has gained weight, had a clean bill of health and is now ready to move to her forever home and family. 


Tango was dumped at a Perrera, no longer wanted. He spent many months there, no one came for him, or offered assistance, and so we were asked to help him before he was put to sleep. We collected him back in November and he was 2/3 years old. He is a lovely boy, friendly and playful, and when he arrived at our residence he just ran and ran and ran, so happy to be out of the small kennel he was being kept in.  So far we have not discovered anything that would be a reason for dumping him. Just another cute puppy that grew up and wasn’t so cute anymore we think. 

Oakley - Reserved 

Oakley came to us as an unwanted puppy from a rather unusual crossing, a Dalmatian and a large Yorkshire terrier.  He is the sweetest little man, a kind gentle little boy, who is inquisitive and playful and some what mischievous. We also have his brother Bengy. Out of the two, Oakley is a little more reserved and often gets bowled over by his brother!  We think he will grow to be small to medium sized, and at present has a scruffy sort of look to him but we don’t think his hair will grow much longer.He should grow to be a very loving, active, loyal little fella. Oakley was born on 11/10/2021


Benjy and his brother Oakley came to us as an unwanted litter from a rather unusual pairing, a Dalmatian and a large Yorkshire Terrier. He is so cute, and he knows it! He is a little boisterous at times, and often bowls over his little brother with stealth attacks! Benjy with his longer hair will need regular brushing, everyday, and also trips to a groomer to keep his coat in good condition. We don’t know how long his fur will grow, but it is already quite long.  He will probably be small to medium in size. He will grow into an active, loyal, loving fella. Bengy was born 11/10/2021

Kiara ~ Currently undergoing treatment for Leishmaniasis

Kiara is a lovely girl who was rescued in November 2021. She is 5 years old, and after blood tests we found out she had very high levels of Leishmaniases. After further tests, we found out that fortunately she has not suffered any internal organ damage and she is currently on medication to bring her levels down before she will be available for adoption.

Kiara is a lovely girl who has one blue eye. On testing it was found that she is deaf in one ear, but has good hearing on the other side and can be trained and hear just as well as any other selectively deaf Dalmatian! She was living in a family home, and was very much loved, but due to a change in circumstances the family could no longer look after her. When she arrived in our care, she was overweight and had not had a lot of exercise.


Nala was rescued in October 2021, no longer wanted by her family. She was born 16/09/2017. Nala is a lovely girl, but is not sociable with other dogs and would need to be the only dog in the household. She is so very loving with humans, loves attention and cuddles, and loves to go out and play. 


Marshall came into our care in December 2021. He was living with a family with children, but due to a change lin circumstances they were no longer able to provide him with the care he needs. Marshall is a lovely active boy who is playful and affectionate. He is 3/4 years old, and gets on well with other dogs, both male and female.


XIca was rescued in November 2021 when she was advertised to be given away, pregnant. We could not let her be passed around, so we drove to collect her straight away. We had her scanned, no sign of pregnancy, so we had to wait a few weeks in case she was in very early stages, and now we know she is definitely not pregnant she is available for adoption. Xica is we believe 5/6 years old.  She is a very sweet loving girl, and gets on well with other dogs both male and female. Xica is not suitable for a home with cats, she doesn’t like them.


Linda is a lovely cross who came to us as her owners no longer wanted her. No reason, just didn’t want a dog anymore. She is lovely and friendly and gets on well with other dogs both male and female. She was rescued in December 2021 and was 1.5 years old 


Pepe is a lovely boy born 01/11/2018 but he needs a home in Spain where he can live out. Pepe guards room, doorways and possessions and can be aggressive and grumpy inside a home. Outside, he is fine. Loves to play in water and loves chasing a ball. Because of this we want a home where he can live out in a warm climate. 

Linda the Pointer - Unavailable at present due to waiting for blood test results

Linda came to us in March 2021 when she was 6 years old. She was previously owned by a family, but they lost their home and could not care for her anymore. She is a sweet loving girl who gets on well with other dogs both male and female. She has lived in a house before in a family setting. She is just a lovely character and would make an excellent companion and family member.

Linda was diagnosed with heart worm. She has been through a six month treatment plan, and we are just waiting on some new blood test results to check her treatment has been successful before she is available for adoption


Hope is a Dalmatian cross Rottweiler born 08/09/2021. She is a little sweetie. Friendly, affectionate, and well socialised. Hope had a mild case of Parvo when she was little, and recovered well, but contracted a bacterial infection in her feet, which was very resistant to most antibiotics. We sent away for cultures and eventually found the right combination of antibiotics to treat the infection and she has now recovered fully. Unfortunately in the time it took for the vets to find the right medication to give her, she lost a toe and had quite a lot of damage done to the skin and tissue. She doesn’t let this affect her in any way though, and you would think she is just a normal puppy with the way she runs around and plays. The vet does not think that this will be an issue for her in the future and she should live a full and happy life. 


Rambo is a four year old cross that we took into our care in January 2022. We were told he is good walking on the lead, good with other dogs, a really lovely dog with a genuine trusting character.


Tokyo is an 8 month old female Dalmatian that we took into our care in January 2022. She was a much loved puppy and grew up in a home, but unfortunately due to a change in the owners circumstance they were no longer able to give her the care that she needs.


Lovely male puppy taken into our care in January 2022 from a litter bred but the owner was unable to sell him.  He is currently going through the vaccination process and will not be available for adoption until he was completed the course.


Otis was taken into our care in January 2022. He was one of two puppies bred that the owner was unable to sell so was given away.  He is currently being given his vaccinations and will not be available for adoption until his vaccination course is complete