From Nicola and Malcolm who adopted Henry from us on 28/4/2017

Adopting our rescue dog through Save a Spanish Spot was very straightforward. We initially contacted the UK Co-ordinator to find out a little more about the dog we wanted to adopt and she was able to answer all of our queries and concerns. Once we had decided that we would like to proceed, we completed the paperwork and a home visit was very quickly arranged. Once all the approvals were in place, we received our dog’s arrival date in the UK, as well as the contact details for the transport company, who kept us extremely well informed of progress once our dog was on his way to us. Our dog arrived exactly when expected, in good health and is already settling in well.

The whole process was efficient and simple from our perspective, although I’m sure there was a lot of hard work going on in the background, which we were not aware of. Save a Spanish Spot is offering wonderful ongoing support and it’s great to know that we are not alone. It’s still early days for us and so reassuring to know that we can draw upon their wealth of experience in these matters.  

From Liz and Ken who adopted Kobe on 13/04/2017

We were heartbroken when we suddenly lost our lovely rescue Dalmatian, Bond, to a neurological condition. The house was horribly empty without him, and we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Then we saw a picture of Kobe on Save a Spanish Spot and just knew straight away that we had to ask about him.
Within two weeks, we had had our home check and were on our way to meet him. He was everything we’d been told about him, a loving, happy healthy boy with a very sweet personality. We were amazed at how friendly and trusting he was considering what he had been through, and put this down to the wonderful foster care he received in Spain and the UK.
We were staying with Ken’s brother and nephew in the North East, and Kobe quickly bonded with us all and was very excited about all his new experiences. He didn’t turn a hair when we set off a few days later for the long drive back to Devon. Kobe slept most of the way, then popped back up again for more exciting new experiences.
He quickly settled into his new routine with us. He’s made a lot of friends in the village, both canine and human. He gets on brilliantly with everyone. We have to watch him with cats and sheep, but that’s not unusual for a Dalmatian.
We’re so glad we adopted Kobe. Thank you all you lovely people at Save a Spanish Spot for letting us bring this gorgeous dog into our home.

From Jemma who adopted Hope from Save A Spanish Spot on 16 January 2016

I first Joined a group on facebook called Costa Blanca Dog Homing back in November 2015. There was many stories of dogs that was desperate to find loving homes, and was dumped on the streets of spain, or dumped in the killing stations to be killed.

Now This is where my story begins, I came across a post for a beautiful dalmatian girl. . . She was so pretty but yet looked so sad and scared on the photos of her in the kill station of malaga. It broke my heart seeing her photos, and knowing she only had a week left before being killed,

So I gave them a message and was talking to a lovely lady Sam Lewlyn.
She herself is from the uk, but helps run this online group, Now sam got in touch with few of the people over in spain. . . and told them I wanted to adopt this beautiful girl. days went by and I finally got the go ahead of adopting her! I was then sorted out with a home check which went very well. . and I started to fundraise for hopes release fee, vets, and travelling to come here to the UK. I was amazed by the amount of support and donations I recieved. towards the end of novemeber she was released from the killing station, and travelled to an amazing woman claire Spettigue who took her on board for a whole month ! took her to the vets, fed her and cared for her until she could come here to me. Like claire does with other dogs waiting to go to new homes. It was an exciting time!! I was kept up to date of videos and photos of her. . . And This was when I decided to name her HOPE, because it was like giving her hope for a new life and a fresh start. The money was raised and I had sent this over to them. Hope was booked in for January 14th 2016 to travel here to the uk.

During the month of December hope had gotten spayed, vaccinations, blood tests all ready for coming here. And It soon came around to the day she was setting off. . all the way from spain. . through to france and over to here. I watched every single move on her journey. It was exciting and such a heart warming feeling.

The day came 16th January 2016, Hope arrived! they pulled up outside my front, I went out to greet claires husband etc who kindly does all the pet transporting each month. he does a fantastic job! they all do !

I walked to the door of the van and that was it. . that was the moment my heart melted! I had tears of joy just to see hopes face! she was so excited, wagging her tail sniffing up in the air. she gave me some kisses with lots of sloppy ones too haha! it was amazing.

Days went by and it took some time for hope to settle in to my home especialy with the other dogs. eventually everything was going great and smooth...hope really had settled in! I take her each day to the field to meet her doggy friends, she enjoys it. always happy and wagging her tail.

Hope was dainty when she first arrived and now she is a bit of a chunk! but she is happy and thats all that matters to me. she regular gets checked at the vets to make sure she is doing well. It took her 5 months before she would come sit with me on the sofa as she was nervous too.

She is like my best friend! She wont leave my side,I go to the bathroom or take a shower and she will wait right outside the door till I am done.
She is perfect in so many ways, I wouldnt change her for the world.

From this day on 14th may 2017 i know I did the right thing for this gorgeous girl. I gave her hope and a new life. I never knew the exact reason why she was left to be killed, or what abuse she had been through, but I am happy to say she is one happy doggy from what she was in the kill station. She is alive today and that is what matters the most.

My advise to you readers out there, Never give up! if you adopt a dog and its not working out. . Dont give up! keep on trying. Adopt a rescue dog they will love you for it each and every single day of their life.

On the 1st september 2016 I did a charity skydive all in need of homing, Raising funds to help plenty more dogs in need over there. . who need vet treatments or simply to be realsed from those horrid kennels and placed somewhere safe.plenty of videos and photos of it is shared on my Facebook.